I find it beautiful yet cruel how people come and go in our lives.

Late last night, I reactivated my new Twitter account out of the need to have a platform to share my work. Since it’s been around 7 months since I deactivated it, all my account history is gone (yes I’m back to 0 followers and having a surplus of following over followers). I set on to follow the people who I was following before, but while doing so, I often hesitated if I should follow some people who I used to be close with but don’t communicate with before. Would it be awkward to shoot them a follow?

I realized how I don’t talk with a lot of these people anymore. To be honest, we’d probably just pass by each other at the mall and give an awkward hi.

I reflected on how we disconnect with people as time passes by. It’s a natural thing in life. We meet people through our different phases and depending on our level of connection, we either pursue the friendship for life or leave it as a memory. We either grow with, outgrow, or take a different path from people.

In a way, it’s cruel how people come and go. I understand that it’s totally legal and no one really has an obligation to stay, but I think that doesn’t make it any less blue.

In different phases of our life, we gain different friends, acquaintances, enemies (lol), and connections as we go. For me, I used to have different group of friends every year during grade school and different ones during the rest of my school life too.

I don’t talk much with my high school friends any more (expect for a select few), much more my grade school friends. The closest thing we can get to connection nowadays is clicking share for the project they have to post on Facebook, heart react when they post a new profile picture, or an awkward smile and wave when we encounter each other at the mall.

We never had a particular falling out. We just stopped talking.

And that’s just the structure of life.

We can’t overfixate. Instead, we must move forward. People come and go, and it’s totally okay.

We may think that this is the most cruel thing, but it’s actually beautiful. From each person, no matter how short the encounter is, we gain something. We are ultimately the culmination of the people we have met, loved, and felt with.

The connections we gained aren’t wasted. They will forever be imprinted.

The fact that we grow to different paths doesn’t make the time we spent together less meaningful. I will never forget the tiny quirks of my friends, the embarrassing crush stories we told each other, the times a friend offered me a crying shoulder, and all the tiny moments in between.

Not everyone will stay, but the memories I gained with each person will always stay. There are times when a memory randomly pops in my mind, and I can’t help but feel that warm fuzzy feeling.

Let’s never be afraid to love, give, and connect. Seize the time we have with the people we meet. Live each day thinking how you want to make it the best.

Never forget the memories you make. Honor them and grow from them. Keep them as tiny pieces of someone’s identity in your heart.

Special hearts to my friends I’ve loved and grown with. Thank you so much.