Hello, wanderer! I'm Chloe, a rambler who writes in compound-complex sentences. Through this blog, I hope to share a piece of my heart to the world–unproofread, in a Twitter-like fashion but in prose, and without worrying if what I'm writing is good for SEO. I write about my musings, learnings, and realizations.

146 things I learned as a multi-hustle obsessed college student

Note: Moving this from Medium. According to the strengths test, one of my strengths is love of learning. It’s true. I love learning about everything, have sparkly eyes whenever I learn about something new, and have a virtual garden of things I know and things I want to learn. In fact, my laptop homepage has a picture of my learning donut. I currently study in the health allied professions while pursuing UX design and marketing.

Failure Resume

Much like probably every eldest daughter who grew up in an Asian household, I was born with an expectation to go above and beyond what would seem like the unreachable tasks for the generations that came before me. In chasing these, I admit I may sometimes get side-tracked and trade-off precious hours of sleep to conform to the ideals that were ascribed to my identity even before I was born. Not that I have anything against them though–I was provided the opportunities of today’s generation, so along with that comes responsibility.