Hello, wanderer! I'm Chloe, a rambler who writes in compound-complex sentences. Through this blog, I hope to share a piece of my heart to the world–unproofread, in a Twitter-like fashion but in prose, and without worrying if what I'm writing is good for SEO. I write about my musings, learnings, and realizations.


I’ve forgotten what it feels like to just… be. Today was remarkably peaceful. I played the piano (and surprisingly still know how), read stuff that didn’t require mental exertion, caught up with some friends, and took a nap (a nap!! finally!!!). My task list today was empty. I still did some readings, but nothing was obligatory. I took full charge of my day. Just doing the things I wanted to do without worrying if I’d accomplish a task during the time block I allotted.

Make it uncomfortable

(need to dump this out before I actually start preparing and fleshing out my talk) Over the past few days, I have been preparing for a workshop that I will be delivering tomorrow. The topic really isn’t something alien to me (it’s about mental health and advocacy), and I’ve given this talk before, but I’ve never been this nervous about delivering a talk. The nervousness I’m feeling comes from the fact that the audience tomorrow will be ~40 16 year olds boys from an ASEAN school, who may or may not be interested in the conversation on mental health.

I'm so in love with everything I'm doing

This might be the most cheeky, middle of deliverables I have to attend to, kind of thing. But I’ve been pondering over this over the past few days, and I can’t help but verbalize my thoughts. Typing things that randomly pop on my head. I’m so in love with everything I’m doing. Things don’t get any easier by the day, I have meetings back and forth, and I have a calendar full of color.

To the people who weren't meant to stay

I find it beautiful yet cruel how people come and go in our lives. Late last night, I reactivated my new Twitter account out of the need to have a platform to share my work. Since it’s been around 7 months since I deactivated it, all my account history is gone (yes I’m back to 0 followers and having a surplus of following over followers). I set on to follow the people who I was following before, but while doing so, I often hesitated if I should follow some people who I used to be close with but don’t communicate with before.

Is it bad to be curious at everything?

In content-focused sites, the onboarding journeys usually goes as: personal details, frequency of updates, and selection of interests. At the page where you’re asked to select from a roster of topics, I often go beyond that usual site’s limit of 3 or 5. Yes, I’m curious about things from health and fitness to the latest trends in tech, and usually, everything in between. Here’s one case in point with my onboarding with Refind.